Sending plants after sale of plants

Sending plants after sale of plants

Its tempting to add a handling fee but I do not suggest it. From the buyer point of view it adds cost and between shipping and handling fee it may well make the product no longer desirable. Shipping is so expensive that it is better to leave the customer more money to buy plants and seeds. Nor will the customer feel deepened by the high costs of shipping and handling and are more likely to be repeat customers.

Plants must be made by a service with a delivery time of no more than 3 days. Its farther in a box and its harder to get them back to excellent health. I have had good results with the USPS Priority Mail. They also offer free priority mailboxes and deliveries that can be ordered online. Usually there are priority mailboxes in the lobby at the post office but they are fixed boxes. They are not as suitable for freight crops due to size and dimensions. It is best to order boxes online from their website. The best sizes are number 4 7 and shoebox. They provide ample space for plants and packaging materials to keep the plant insulated from heat cold and excessive handling.

To determine how many things can weigh take a little practice and just try and see what the actual weight is. A plant may fit well in the number 4 box and weigh less than one pound. Several long plants can go in a shox and can weigh over a pound. A number 7 box filled with plants can weigh up to 3 kg. or more. If youre unsure you can always go to the next higher rate and if the actual shipping is significantly less than that you refund the difference or throw in extra plants. Refund on payment by shipping customers and then encourages loyalty. You can also provide a retail credit for overpayment. When you have the weight of the box it is connected to the shipping note in the eBay list Bonanzle or the website and when the customer checks out the shipping cost is calculated from the zip code.

The mailing labels can be paid for and printed online via USPS PayPal eBay and through certain web pages. Or it can be handwritten and taken to the post office for weighing. If done online an additional benefit is that pickup from the post office can be arranged or it is easy to enter the post office and hand over the items.

No matter how you print the address labels make sure you get delivery confirmation either when its weighing in the post office or online. It is free for packages online through the post office or PayPal. Send the confirmation number to the person and they can track it. It also gives the seller a good sense of peace because they have proof that they sent the package and there is proof of whether it was delivered or not. The buyer appreciates that as well.

Ships grow internationally.

First of all a PayPal account is absolutely necessary for international business. This allows the buyer to pay in his currency and the seller gets paid in his currency. Some credit card companies will do international transactions but PayPal will do all of them. This is done without any effort from the buyer or seller. Charges for PayPal transactions are paid by the seller which is a small percentage of the total transaction. Its a sure method of paying and accepting money because the seller never sees the buyers account information and the seller has the money deposited in their account.

Plants can be sent internationally but it is risky. The time required for transit and through customs control can cause the plants to die. In addition they must be phyto-certified which means that they were inspected and found to be free of pests and diseases. A paper issued which must be on the packaging during shipment. If a box does not have this confiscated and destroyed the plants. Getting this certificate costs money and there is no guarantee that the plants arrive at their destination in good time. Dogs especially beagles are used in many countries and now it is necessary to find plant material so unmarked boxes may not come through either. I own a beagle. They are nose with feet. They live to sneak and she constantly amazes us with her olfactory acuteness.

Seeds are much easier to send and come into countries. Each country has its own standards but Australia has the most stringent. I do the responsibility of the customer to find out if certain species are allowed and I will not change the names of seeds so that they can get them. I also know that I am not responsible for compensation if seeds are confiscated. All that is required at the end is to fill in a customs form at the post office. Its a small piece of triple paper with a declaration of whats inside and its value.

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