Types of Dog Toys

There are many types of dog toys. Did you know that dog toys are very important for your very own pet? It not only keeps them entertained but it keeps them from chewing on your furniture, shoes, books and other items as well and it is great exercise too.

Boxer puppy

There are many different types of Dog Toys to select from today - Rope Dog Toys, Kong Dog Toys, and Fleece or Plush Toys to start.

First, you will want to make sure that the toy that you select is right for your dog. You will not want to get anything that has buttons, or small pieces that they can chew off and potentially swallow and or choke on.

In addition, if you have a small dog, you will want to make sure that the toy is designed to fit the dogs size. You would not want to get a large toy for a small dog, and vice versa. Your larger dog will be better suited with a larger sized toy.

One of the most popular dog toys is a soft ball - one that you can throw in order for your dog to fetch. Again it is important that you consider your dogs size and the size of his or her mouth when purchasing a ball. Too small a ball can result in the dog choking while one that is too large can result in him or her not being able to bring the ball back to you at all.

A second popular toy is a chew bone - there are even Greenies Dental Dog Chews out that are made for dogs to chew on that will help to clean their teeth as they chew. However many vets do not suggest getting these for your dog as they break off small pieces and dogs occasionally choke on them as well. If you are selecting a chew bone make sure that it is one that can not be broken into smaller pieces.

Dog toys are designed to entertain you and your pet - getting the wrong one could easily result in the loss of your pet and not getting any dog toys for your pet could easily result in more chewed up furniture, books or shoes.

My advice is to start off slowly, buy a small selection of types of dog toys, and watch as your dog plays with them. He or she will probably gravitate to a certain kind of toy and like many children will even have a favorite toy.

Once your dog has picked a favorite toy I would even go to the pet store and buy many more of the same kind of toy. Over the next several weeks rotate them out so that he will not get attached to just one like children often do with their blankies. Not only that, but this will cut down a bit on wear and tear as well and make your dogs toys last even longer.

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