Smelly Dog - Cleaning a Smelly Dog

Do you have a smelly dog? Do you want to have a nice smelling dog? Well, let me tell you, that if your dog is a little (or a lot) on the "odorous" side, that you can change that. Now depending on the source of the odor the remedy may vary but with a little work and a few necessary products you can change your dog from "stinky" to "cologne model" in no time.

Now you know as good as me that a smelly dog is not the most wonderful companion to have right by your side and, in addition to the actual "bad dog smell", the dog can also leave some pretty nasty smells behind when he leaves the room - and these can be a problem too. For example, if he has urinated in the house, climbed up on your furniture (while stinky) or laid around on your carpet, you will know that he left these nasty odors.

It goes without saying that if your dog isn't properly potty trained (or gets sick on your carpet), then you will need to have your carpeting professionally cleaned periodically until the smelly problem is under control. And in case you're wondering, there are many products on the market made specifically to spot clean the affected area(s) - but what do you do if you can't tell which area is "affected?"

Plus, if you can, crate your dog during the day when you're gone and at night when you're sleeping - especially if your dog isn't fully potty trained yet. Investing in a steam-carpet cleaning machine might also help keep the nasty dog smells at bay - and use it regularly.

Now there are many temporary fixes for a smelly dog problems. They just might involve purchasing some "doggie cologne" and squirting a small amount around to help mask the odor. Don't forget the dog's bedding and crate or sleeping area either. You want to keep those clean and free from nasty dog smells too. In many cases simply laundering the bedding properly can get rid of most nasty smells.

But if I were you, the first thing I would do would be to vtake my smelly dog to the vet. Your vet can easily tell you what is the reason for your dogs "smell issue". Is it a result of it's being sick in some way? Is it possibly just some kind of hygiene problem that bathing or a special diet can take care of? Or is it as a result of something it has gotten into - such as an unfortunate meet up with a skunk?

Some possible reasons that your dog has a "smelly problem" could be because of dental, skin or ear issues. It may be that your dog just needs to be bathed on a more regular basis than other dogs. Dogs that are more active and athletic, or that produce a lot of oil on their skin, such as water dogs or Shih Tzus, may need baths more frequently to prevent odor before it starts.

Other things you'll want to do to prevent a smelly dog before it happens is to be sure that your groomer or vet is cleaning your dog's anal glands regularly. If these are not cleaned on a regular basis, a really bad odor can occur. I don't advise trying to cleaning your dogs anal sacs yourself though. Why? Because if you haven't been properly taught how to do it it may result in an infection for your dog - plus it can be fairly messy - and stinky.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that some dog food brands might cause your dog to develop a bad odor. If this is the cause of your "smelly dog" then you may consider changing your dog to a homemade or more natural diet filled with less processed foods which go a long way in preventing nasty dog smells.

But in the end, just remember that dogs will be dogs. They're not furry humans! So if your dog is smelly from rolling in some stinky stuff or has gotten sprayed by a skunk, it's good to know that there are certain methods, tried and true, created specifically to get rid of these odors. You can also go online to find the answers to most of your own particular problems. Lastly, if you have the time, you can always ask your veterinarian for suggestions on exactly what to do to treat your smelly dog.

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