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Share your purebred dog videos here. It's easy to do too. Find your favorite dog or puppy video, copy the video embed code (not the URL) and paste it in the form below too - below your video description. Please tell us all about the video. If chosen, we'll put it up for all our visitors to view, rate and discuss.

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Videos Submitted by Other Visitors

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Video - Diving Labrador Retriever Jackson  starstarstarstarstar
You've probably seen a lot of dogs that swim. And maybe even loads of videos of swimming dogs. But have you ever seen a dog dive for something?

Well ...

Water sliding doberman  starstarstarstarstar
This is a great dog video. And one of my favorite ones that I have seen online. And I have watched it more than one time, believe me.

And just what ...

A Doggie Dreamer Video  Not rated yet
A Doggie Dreamer Video

Enter the dream world of my dog, Binks!

A short film about the dream adventures of a lab/retriever mix.


Are German Shepherds good family pets? Video  Not rated yet
I thought many dog owners, especially those thinking about getting a German Shepherd, might enjoy this video. It offers some good information about the ...

The Bone of Contention - Video  Not rated yet
This is another Bruno the Bouvier and Alexi the Grandson movie short. I had seen a few too many movie coming attractions, and decided to make an EPIC ...

The Waltz---Grandson Leads, Bouvier Chews  Not rated yet
This is a little video of our grandson Alexi surfing our Bouvier Bruno. When we put it too music, it became the waltz.

Our daughter is training Bruno ...

Shiro: the water digging dog video  Not rated yet
This is our pet dog, Shiro. He's just a typical dog (no special breed). And as you can see, he has a weird inclination on water... XD

Pedigreed ...

Video - German Shepherd chasing a RC car  Not rated yet
I just love to watch the German Shepherd in the video fussing at the RC car as it moves around the yard. Especially when the car suddenly changes directions ...

Video: A Beagle Acting Out His Favorite TV Show - "Prison Break"  Not rated yet
This is so funny. Make sure you watch the whole video to see just exactly how it goes down while the other doggie "prisoners" just stand around watch. Too ...

Liam the singing Irish Wolfhound Video  Not rated yet
Liam the singing Irish Wolfhound

Another singing dog video but his guy can really sing. Sinatra has nothing on Liam, I tell 'ya. Very sweet video ...

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Apple Retriever Video  Not rated yet
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Apple Retriever

I always knew what excellent water retrievers these little Toller dogs were but here's a new twist.

I have ...

Video - Jack Russell Terrier attacks German Shepherd Dog  Not rated yet
This is a great video that demonstrates just how well two different dog breeds of very different sizes can get along. Very sweet video.

Here's what ...

Dachshund vs Turtle Video  Not rated yet
This teeny weinnie was not at all pleased by the small intruder in her yard and has no problem letting everyone know about it either. Just watch for yourself....

Video - What our Beagle does while we are out (turn on audio!)  Not rated yet
What a cute video - I about fell out of my chair watching this Beagles antics.

Here's what the owners had to day about the video: This time lapse ...

Amber the Weimaraner Sings Opera  Not rated yet
Okay, so everyone has their own opinion of Operatic music - even Amber the Weimaraner. Watch her reaction as operatic music plays in the background.


Border Collie herding cattle by herself  Not rated yet
This is one of the best herding videos I have ever seen! Great video demonstrating exactly what Border Collies do best - work! And exactly how intelligent ...

Video - Great Dane Honey making her bed  Not rated yet
A sweet video showing exactly what one Great Dane goes through before she can go to sleep. Just watch it for yourself and see what you think. Very cute....

Rottweiler Vs Yorkshire Terrier - Tug Of War Video  Not rated yet
Watch this video and see what you think. It's a nice video showing 2 bitter rivals going one-on-one against each other, both trying to win control over ...

Video - Baby Laughing Hysterically at Newfoundland Dog  Not rated yet
I absolutely love, love, love watching this dog video - and the baby in the video too - what a riot. It's really a nice little video too and one you might ...

Basenji Cell Phone Reaction Video  Not rated yet
Want to see something really funny? I mean really funny? Then check this video out. It's really something!

I don't think I would ever miss a call with ...

Video of the singing Afghan dog, Ziggy  Not rated yet
Watch the dog in this video - he never leaves his spot and has just the most solemn look on his face throughout. Here's what the owner had to say about ...

Skateboarding Bulldog  Not rated yet
Want to Watch a Skateboarding Bulldog?

Here is a great little video of Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips seen ...

Blind Bull Terrier playing football  Not rated yet
Another cool dog video to watch. And an inspiring one too because the little dog in the video shows just what can be done and that things aren't always ...

Dachshund Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.  Not rated yet
This is the coolest video I have seen in a while. Talk about a smart dog and a very inventive owner. Here's what the owner has to say about the video:

I ...

Bullmastiff Doing Tricks  Not rated yet
The star of this dog video is a dog breed a lot of people are not very aware of. In fact, the star of this dog video, is a big beautiful Bullmastiff named ...

Singing puppies to sleep  Not rated yet
This video is one of those that have gone viral online. It's just so popular and you'll see why in a minute.

You might have seen this video on tv before ...

French Bulldog - Cry Baby  Not rated yet
This video plainly shows a very unhappy little guy crying, picking a fight, begging, and later pouting. What a great little actor. Here's what the owners ...

White German Shepherd Dog Talks  Not rated yet
I love white German Shepherds and I found this video online of a white German Shepherd doing a truly amazing thing. I love watching videos online and this ...

Trick or Treat? Doggie Style  Not rated yet
The maker of this videos tells us that "this is the first short film that Splash and Kiko have made together! Both dogs decide to go out trick or treating ...

Shih Tzu that sneezes when told to  Not rated yet
Do you love small dogs? Do you like watching video with dogs in them? How about dogs doing tricks? Do you like to watch dogs doing tricks?

Big fan of ...

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