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Do you want the best in FREE Purebred Dog Breed Information? Easy to access helpful health and training articles? Dog classified ads proven to sell your pedigreed puppies, dogs and dog related items?

Lots of information about finding the perfect pure breed dog? All sorts of dog info, and much more? Then you're definitely in for a dog lover's treat.

Did you know that:
dogs come in more shapes and sizes than any other mammal on the planet?
there are more than 400 dog breeds?
there are more than 400 MILLION dogs worldwide (making there 1000's of times more dogs than wolves)?

They are indeed our oldest and closest animal companions.

In the late 1800s, when kennel clubs first began to be formed, breeding for appearance rather than behavior began to be popular and the creation of dog shows followed. This was indeed an important time in the breeding of early pure bred dogs.

If you're like most people you probably have many unanswered questions about purebred dogs and puppies. Let us teach you more about the purebred dogs of the AKC.

Want to learn more about any AKC dog breed group or its members in particular? Simply click on the photos below to be taken to that individual dog group.

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That's where we step in and why we created this pure breed dog related website - to provide loads of dog breed specific information, the ability to help you learn about puppies and dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds, and to provide all dog owners with answers to their dog related questions - many of which we think you'll find answered here once you scan:

* Over 150 individual pure breed dog and puppy breed reviews (more to be added later)

* Close to 100 reference articles on dog health and dog training issues written by various experts in their field (more to be added later)

With all the information found within this site, believe me, you'll be able to save yourself a lot of future frustration and training time (thanks to all the great tips and articles), money and much more.

Even more importantly, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing what you'll need to know to be a great dog owner before bringing your new pet home or how to be a better dog owner with the dogs you have now.

If you have any photos of your purebred dog that you'd like to share with our readers, please contact us via our contact form at any time. Welcome and enjoy.

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