Give a Dog Medicine

Do you know the best way to give a dog medicine? There are several methods you can try. I'll bet if you were to ask 10 people how to do it that you'd get at least 5 or more different answers.

So, let's talk about it a bit here and we'll discuss a few different ways to give your own dog medicine. First of all, the easiest way of all to give any dog medication, especially in pill form, is to put the medicine in food.

Sometimes that is just not possible. So, if that's the case then you need to know a few "tricks" to get the pills to go in, go down and stay down. Note: It is a good idea to give the medicine before you feed your pet his regular meal so that he is hungry.

First of all, let's discuss giving your dog any kind of pill. You can use whatever food your dog prefers best to hide the pill in - cheese, peanut butter, hot dog pieces, etc.

When hiding pills from your dog you need to first choose a tasty food, like cheese, or my own dogs personal favorite, peanut butter. Give your dog a small piece of your food of choice (ex. cheese, peanut butter) without the tablet in it first to get your dog interested, and then give him the food with the tablet in it. Reward him with loads of praise once the tablet is successfully swallowed.

For some dogs, the pill in the peanut butter/cheese/hot dog trick won't work. If you have a small dog it may be easier to handle your dog if they are placed on a bench or a table during this entire process. If you can, make larger dogs sit to get their medicine. If you need an assistant have him/her hold the dog as still as possible while you administer the pills.

Here are a few methods to try next when you have to give a dog medicine:

* Place the pill as far back on the dogs tongue as you can, then push it over the back of the tongue with your finger.

* Try gently rubbing your dog's throat to encourage swallowing. You can also blow on its nose to try to get it to swallow. Keep the dogs nose pointed upwards as long as you can until you actually feel the dog swallow the tablet.

Sometimes you may need to give a dog medicine in liquid form. That is very different in many ways from the process above but here are a few tips when giving your dog liquid medicines.

* Again, you'll need to restrain your dog before you administer the meds.

* Next, assuming you have the syringe loaded with the correct dosage of the liquid medicine, slowly place the syringe into your dog's mouth. You can put the tip of the syringe just behind the canine teeth where the jaw does not completely close or in the cheek pouch between the lips and the back teeth.

* Give the liquid medication to your dog slowly, allowing your dog to swallow and also lick the medication from its mouth before giving it more.

* Lastly, try gently rubbing your dog's throat or blowing on its nose to try to get it to swallow.

Once you have done this a few times it will be no problem to give a dog medicine. In the meantime, be patient during the process, be very caring and reward your dog for good behavior. Remember, if you make the process fun now it will be much easier in the future if you ever need to do it again.

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