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What Are Your Dogs Favorite Dog Toys?

What are your dogs favorite dog toys of all time - you know, the one it carries around at any given time... One of the best dog toys of all time ever... One that's perfect for a day of full out play or one that would be great for a puppy's night out at the dog park?

If your dog has one, don't keep it to yourself. Share the name of your dogs favorite toy here along with all of the details that make it so special to your favorite canine friend.

And if you have a photo of your pets favorite toy, especially one of your dog enjoying it, we'd love it if you'd share that with us all too.


And who knows, you may find another favorite toy here that you have never heard of too - just waiting to be shared with you - by someone else.

So, please keep telling us all about your dogs favorite toys and weíll try to get them on all on the website. (And I believe your dogs will be so grateful!)

Tell Us About Your Dogs Favorite Dog Toy!

Exactly what makes your dogs "favorite dog toy" so special? Share the details here and give others the opportunity to discover and try it out with their own dogs!

Name of Dog Toy

Dog Toy Details [ ? ]

Please Upload A Picture (optional) [ ? ]

Author Information (optional)

To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.

Your Name

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Submit Your Contribution

Other Visitors Favorite Dog Toys

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Stuffed toys definitely rate highest on our dogs excitement-meter!  starstarstarstarstar
We have an apso and a spitz mixed breed. He is the first dog our family adopted so quite obviously we are all very fond of him and were always on a lookout ...

Homemade "dog friendly" tire toy  starstarstarstarstar
Let me just start by stating the fact that I have two very active St. Bernards. Maggie and Krimsun are both about 1 1/2 years old and their favorite dog ...

Jolly Ball  starstarstarstarstar
I have owned dogs my whole life and each one has liked certain objects or toys more than others but the 2 German Shepherd sisters that I have right now ...

Tennis Ball  starstarstarstar
M dog is a black lab and he loves his tennis balls. Every time I take him outside his tennis ball comes with him.

What I do is he drops it ...

Hartz Mountain HChewO football  Not rated yet
We have a pit bull (almost 7 years old). She has destroyed almost every "indestructable" toy on the market.

One day, while in a Big Lots store, I ...

One Dollar Dog Toy's squeaky toys  Not rated yet
They have a squeaky and stuffing inside and they are only $1.00. So many dog toys cost 5, 7, 9, even 15 dollars! But if your dog takes just a couple ...

Dog toy choices: baby kong for puppies and a very old deflated basketball  Not rated yet

The funny part about the small blue Kong being our Groenendael's favorite is that he is 14 months old.

It looks a sight when he comes up and ...

Our Boxer and Cocker Spaniel Love Squeaky Toys  Not rated yet
We have a Fawn Boxer and a German Cocker Spaniel. Both are purebred dog breeds. Our Boxer dog's name is Brownie and our cocker spaniel is Zola. They are ...

Our Papillon Digger Is a "Toyaholic"  Not rated yet
I have a Papillion named Digger. His breed won AKC pure-breed contest a few years ago. He has three different favorite toys. I donít know the actually ...

Hedgehog dog toys  Not rated yet

When we first got our dog Dante we went out and bought a LOAD of toys. Chew toys, stuffed toys, etc. We found out fast that he has a way of gutting ...

My Dachshund Loves Sock Monkeys  Not rated yet
My dachshund loves this stuffed sock monkey . it seems quite creepy to me but he carries it around all the time and he sleeps with it in his bed haha ...

My Dog Willies Favorite Dog Toys Are...  Not rated yet
Iíve loved reading your comments about all the favorite dog toys. You all inspired me to tell you about my dog Willie (a Border Collie ) and his current ...

My Dog Loves Mama Lamb Barnyard Buddies  Not rated yet
My dog Evie is very attached to her Mama BARNYARD BUDDIES LAMB made by Sherpa Pet. It is her favorite of all the dog friendly toys I keep on hand.

After ...

My Irish Setter Sugar loves her stuffed penguin  Not rated yet
My 16 year old Irish Setter, Sugar, loves her little baby toy. It is just a little stuffed penguin which has a little plastic squeaker inside, but Sugar ...

My dogs all have their own favorite dog toys  Not rated yet
I have quite a few dogs at my house. They all have their own favorite dog toys. All the dogs seem to enjoy the tire swing, they like to jump and nip at ...

Kong dog toys are too cool  Not rated yet
My own puppies favorite dog toy is a kong . Do you know what they are? It is a rubber chew toy that looks kind of like soft serve ice cream in shape ...

A squirrel dog toy is our Chihuahuas favorite  Not rated yet
We have a five-pound, longhaired blonde Chihuahua that we adopted from a shelter in Steuben County, Indiana in late October 2008. His name is Eddie, and ...

Colbyís Favorite Toy - stuffed blue lamb  Not rated yet
Amid the toys that keeps the cats occupied lies one that is strictly for Colby, my dog. I have no idea why but this silly stuffed blue lamb with a white ...

Squeaky Dog Toys - A Dog's Best Friend  Not rated yet
When you own a dog, you know that finding that perfect dog toy can be a huge deal. The right toy can entertain your dog for hours at a time, and can help ...

Pure doggie enjoyment, durability and versatility: The Jolly Ball  Not rated yet
The favorite dog toys in our household of five dogs undergo rigorous use and abuse on a daily basis. Our dogs are the expert testers of many dog friendly ...

I like to get my dogs puzzle type toys  Not rated yet
We have two very small dogs, one is a Sheltie cross Chihuahua called Loki and the other is a pedigree Papillon Called Bunny. Bunny is very, very tiny ...

My dog is crazy for Zanies dog toys  Not rated yet
Without a doubt my dog loves to play with his hard rubber Zanies dog toys. In fact, I put the picture of it above for you all to see.

He loves ...

My dogs love the Chuck-It! Toy - Perfect for dogs obsessed with Tennis Balls  Not rated yet
Have you ever heard about the Chuck-It!? It is certainly my favorite dog toy - and my dogs really love to play with it too.

Just what is it? Well,...

My Dogs Favorite Toys are Chews  Not rated yet
My dogs favorite toys are not really toys at all - but
Dog Chews . I mean they'll play with a ball sometimes but the one thing that makes them happier ...

Kongs are cool  Not rated yet
My dogs have all sorts of toys but one of their favorites would have to be any kind of Kong - and believe me they make several different kinds of Kongs ...

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"It often happens that a man is more humanely related to a cat or dog than to any human being."--Henry David Thoreau