Dogs and Man - A Brief History

Concerning the subject of dogs and man, most authorities agree that dogs were among the first, if not the first, animals domesticated by man. Dogs and man have been connected for thousands of years.

Cave paintings depict dog-like creatures hunting with early man. Many experts are still skeptical about the actual time this domestication took place however.

Most experts indicate the fact that there are no fossil remains yet unearthed that suggest a date earlier than 10,000B.C. for the actual connection between man and dog when we became a "pack".


Whatever the actual date, we are in awe of our domesticated friends and sadly unaware of the changes their forefathers must have under gone to become a member of our "pack".

Early dogs had to learn to suppress many of their natural instincts - ex. hunting, in order to be accepted by humans. Additionally, the dog had to learn to protect its one time prey in order to live with man. What a change that must have been - for man and beast!

Today wild dogs still exist in many areas. Feral dogs are dogs that have chosen to return to the wild. Examples of these animals may be found in Australia and India.

The dHole, in India, is widely known and respected as a wild and untamable animal while the dingo of Australia spends part of its time with humans and part with its wild counterparts. In Australia, the dingo is known for its mating season vanishing act.

In ancient pottery, mythology and paintings dogs have found somewhat of a stronghold. Egyptians adored them and helped in the development of many breeds. Dogs were a big part of the lives of the Greeks and Romans as well.

Romans and Greeks relied heavily on the services of watchdogs. Widespread in ancient China was the breeding of Toy animals which were kept in the wide sleeves of gowns to keep the host warm. Eventually nobility bred dogs for hunting, sport and pleasure.

Whatever the reason, we are continually in the debt of those first individuals who helped begin this love affair between dogs and man - a friendship of continual loyalty, companionship and fun.

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