Dogs Need Exercise, Both Physical and Mental Stimulation

It's a simple fact that dogs need exercise - just like us. Dogs need both mental and physical stimulation and this should be provided by the owners through daily exercise.

Exercise gives a dog a natural outlet for their pent up energy. Through exercise dogs can create strong bodies and good muscle tone. Lack of sufficient exercise can easily result in boredom which can also lead to many different kinds of behavioral problems.

The same old yard or house with no changes in routine can be quite boring for a dog. And even if the dog is in a big yard, few will exercise on their own without the interaction of their owner - most would sleep most of the day.

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Remember, just letting your dog out in the backyard is not enough and does not give your dog the exercise the dog really needs. A brief daily walk is often not enough either. So, how do you actually decide on exactly how much exercise your dog really needs?

The types of exercises that you choose for your dog should depend on many things such as the age, weight, health and breed of your dog. Is your dog a sporting breed, used to hunting or a retriever breed who likes to run or is it a toy dog breed who is happy to sit on the couch?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask before you provide your dog a proper daily workout. Dogs need exercise but if your dog is old, you will have to encourage your dog to exercise. Walking is a great form of exercise for senior dogs. If your dog is pregnant a little exercise can be fine but you should never over exercise her.

Daily exercise is always recommended unless there is a medical problem. You should always consult your veterinarian before you decide on a fitness program for your pet. Healthy dogs crave interaction with both other dogs and people as well. Dog parks are great for this and some of them even allow the dogs to play and walk unleashed. You should always check the rules of the parks around your area before you go however.

Many dogs enjoy playing with Frisbeeson land or in water. Chasing a tennis ball or a stick can be fun too when dogs need exercise. Other games you can do: you can get a rope and let your dog take one end and you the other, then you both pull away. Swimming can be an enjoyable activity for your dog too and is a fantastic form of exercise for dogs that can swim and love the water.

Most dogs enjoy a nice game of catch. You should be careful about using hard objects to avoid harming the dog's teeth. Long walks will also make your pet happy if done on a daily basis. Jogging, hiking or even trail biking are all great ways to spend time with each other and get exercise too. Keep in mind that there are a few things that you should always be careful about during any of these activities:

- Avoid extensive exercise methods with your dog if it has any pre-existing health problems.

- Watch your dog for signs that it is tired.

- Always take water along for you and your dog while out exercising.

- Go out early in the morning or late in the evening during hot summer months.

And one benefit we haven't even discussed - exercising with your dog creates an even stronger bond between the two of you. It is a great way to show that you really care about your dog and want to make it happy. Remember: dogs need exercise - tired dogs are happy dogs.

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