Dog Health Issues

Dog health issues are really an important part of owning any dog - no matter what the breed. Nobody likes having an unhealthy dog.

It is both cruel and inhumane not to allow your dog to live a healthy life, but it is also expensive if you care enough to do anything to keep your canine friend healthy. As soon as you bring home your brand new puppy, it is important that you dedicate yourself to providing the best available health care and also establish a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

Starting out with healthy routines will boost your dog’s immune system and your dog will be more resilient to sickness and disease. First and foremost, your dog must be put on a healthy diet of quality dog food. It is very important to a developing puppy to have all the nutrients they need without a lot of additives.

Check the ingredients on the bags of dog food to determine which is higher in nutritional value. Ensuring that your puppy has at minimum the proper nutrients needed for neurological development, organ development, growth, musculature, digestive system, etc will help with training your dog and the outcomes will be beneficial to all involved.

Another thing that is very important regarding the dog’s diet is that from the very beginning you have to discipline yourself and everyone involved in your dog’s life that the dog is never ever allowed any table scraps. The only exception to this rule is using tiny pieces of cheese or meat as a training tool only.

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When training, then and only then, is your dog allowed to ingest small portions or bite-sized pieces (not entire meals) of human food. Dog’s who are never allowed to consume human food from the very start have better chances of developing “manners” and know not to beg for food.

Keeping your dog’s eye’s and ears healthy is important to their overall health as well and includes several big dog health issues. Some dogs have long, floppy ears that can be a hot bed for bacteria. Cleaning the grime from your dog’s ears regularly will reduce waxy buildup and prevent infection. There are special solutions and wet wipes made specifically for cleaning the dog’s ear. There is also an ear powder that you should use after baths to prevent moisture from collecting deep within the ear and reduce chances of infection.

Keeping the dog’s nails clipped appropriately is also important for dog health. You should also get into the habit of routinely checking your dog for ticks and fleas because these parasites can cause various diseases if left untreated. Mites, better known as mange, can cause a serious problem in certain cases and lead to hair loss and severe itching.

It is also pertinent to get your dog’s vaccinations as scheduled, as well as an active rabies vaccination. These vaccinations are meant to ensure your dog is protected from contagious diseases. Another tip for canine health care is to keep your dog protected from worms, heartworms, fleas, and ticks by investing in some kind of preventative, ongoing, treatment.

Another thing that is important to dog health issues: overall, it is better to spend more money on the products the vet offers than buying from the local grocery store. The quality of the product is worth spending a little extra money on your pet.

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