Curry Brush? Just What Is It?

Safari Rubber Curry Brush

Curry brush? Every breed of dog is different, and each dog breed has a unique coat of it’s own. Nevertheless, I have found one tool to be somewhat universal in the dog grooming world, aiding pet owners across the world from excess shedding. This magic tool is known as a curry brush, but it certainly doesn’t look like a brush!

Actually, this brush looks like a big hunk of rubber, and has none of the distinctive characteristics of a “brush” like a handle or bristles. Still, it is an extremely effective tool in combating excess dog hair.

I've personally owned two Labrador retrievers, both of which shedded their fur like crazy! However, one of my dogs had sensitive skin, so brushing her as often as was necessary with a lab was just plain out of the question.

In my long, hard search for a brush that didn't irritate her skin, I discovered the bristle-less curry brush. I had my doubts spending $7 on a tool that I couldn't understand how in the world it would actually work.

To my surprise, it actually worked, and it worked amazingly well! To use this type of brush, you simply hold the brush in your hand and stroke your dog in the same manner that you would pet or brush him or her. The hairs that are no longer attached are drawn out of the coat and it comes out in huge wads. I could hardly believe it myself that it's really that simple!

What's interesting is how these brushes work. While I don't even fully understand it myself, it's not actually magic at work here but rather static electricity. Somehow, between the rubber and the fur, the negative ions grab onto what''s not attached and draws it to the surface. Pretty cool that we can harness the energy of some negatively charged ions and put them to work for us – removing unwanted dog hair!

It's really neat to see how much hair this little brush can collect without even scratching the surface, or scratching your dogs skin. Amazingly, these brushes aren't just for the dogs! You can use a curry brush on your couches, your favorite rug that the dog loves to lay (and shed) on, or even your nice pantsuit that got all hairy as you were saying goodbye to your furry loved one! It even works on cat hair, how amazing is that?

This is one tool that I highly recommend no pet owner should go without. Bring one home for your puppies today – you will thank yourself for it!

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Safari Rubber Curry Brush

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