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Feel free to contact us. We are always interested in your feedback. Have a question about pure breed dogs? Looking for more information on a specific purebred dog topic? Let us know what you are looking for and what else you would like to see - or see more of.

Got pictures of your pedigreed dog to share? We'd love to post them to our site. Purebred dog pictures are wanted and valued by our website and we will post them at the bottom of our breed profile pages.

Springer Spaniel

As always, simple rules do apply for photos and here are ours. We are interested in pictures of the purebreed dog or puppy by itself (or possibly with other dogs or animals).

Since this site focuses it's attention on purebred dogs, we will not post mixed breed dog photos or photos that have people or children in them. Also, pictures sent to us may be posted in other areas of our website as well and will be edited or deleted to fit our website as needed.

If you agree to these simple rules then please get in touch with us via our contact form below and we will begin the photo submission process with you.

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