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Calculate a Dogs Age

Have you ever wanted to calculate a dogs age? Do you ever wonder just how old your dog is in our human years?

It's really interesting to try and compare the two and there are many things to take into consideration as well, such as: not all dog breeds age alike, and larger dog breeds generally live shorter lives and mature more quickly than their smaller counterparts.

If you have the chance please play around with this fun little program - I think you just might be interested in what results that you find out. Plus it can be lots of fun trying to come up with the answer before the program actually gives you the results.

Pug in water

It is important to point out also that many large, and especially, giant dog breeds are generally considered "seniors" by the time they reach five to six ears of age. At the same time, medium sized dog breeds take a little longer to reach the same level - at around seven years of age, while the small and toy breeds generally live the longest of all, not reaching seniority until around ten years of age.

So, have fun and use this program to figure out how old your dog is in "human" years and also human age in dog years. Enjoy and have fun!

Your age in dog years? 
Enter your age: 
Your age in dog years is: 

Your dog's age in human years? 
Enter your dog's age: 
Your dog's age in human years is: 

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"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert A. Heinlein