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The friendly Weimaraner breed is well known for its hunting prowess, especially as that of a personal hunting companion. Elegant, regal and aristocratic, these dogs were born to run! These dogs are always looking for something to do and are wickedly smart.

In fact, they are often called the dog with the "human brain". These dogs were originally bred to hunt large game like boars, bear and deer. The coat is extremely low maintenance; it is short, hard, and smooth to the touch - they are very energetic dogs and need lots of exercise.

A member of the AKC Sporting group, originating in the early 19th century, this breed is also often referred to as the "Gray Ghost" or "silver ghost" because of it's beautiful mouse colored gray coat.


This dog breed was thought to be originally refined by the Grand Duke of Weimar, Germany (hence the dog breeds name). Long ago they were also known as the Weimar Pointer.

They really prefer being a member of the family over being relegated to the life of the kennel dog. Although they are considered hunting dogs, they do not like living outdoors.

Keep in mind that the owner of a Weim must be a strong, no-nonsense leader that has plenty of time to properly train, exercise and socialize the dog. These are high-energy dogs and need an owner that is willing to to tolerate their energy.

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They have a docked tail, level topline, webbed compact feet, and long lobular ears that have a slight fold. Typically, their eyes are a beautiful amber color as adults - puppies eyes usually are blue. These dogs can be good with children under supervision, however small pets, birds and cats are not recommended with this breed.

They are well known for their sense of smell. In fact, during the Cold War these dogs worked at the White Sands Missile Range sniffing around for missile parts.

Additionally, the Weimaraner stands around 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs somewhere between 55 to 90 pounds. Their coat requires very little brushing and is easy to take care of.

Because of his background and energy levels, an owner of a Weimaraner must give him plenty of daily exercise. They are great running mates for joggers. These dogs need plenty of firm training and supervision early on combined with plenty of patience and loads of exercise.

Ideal home: The Weimaraner is best suited in a home that has a fenced yard and a strong, no-nonsense leader who has the appropriate time to exercise, train and socialize the dog. A practicing hunter would love this breed because of their driven work ethic and fantastic sense of smell. Be forewarned, this breed does like to bark.

Country of origin: Germany
Lifespan: 10-13 years
Colors: Mouse-gray to silver-gray
Known health problems: Bloat, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypertropic osteodystrophy (HOD), vaccination hypersensitivities, von Willebrand's, Wobbler Syndrome, elbow hygromas, entropion
Famous Weimaraners: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Heidi; photographer William Wegman and Fay Ray (among others)

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