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Twelve Vocal Training Commands Used By Professional Dog Trainers During Dog Obedience Training

Ever wonder exactly what kinds of vocal training commands are taught by professional dog trainers? Want to find out some new training methods to teach your own dog? Below you'll find a list of 12 of the most common vocal commands taught during dog obedience training and what they are used for:

1. "Sit": The first command most dogs learn. This dog command is used to make the dog sit in place.

2. "Stay": This dog training command is used to keep the dog in place - whether sitting or standing.

Black Russian Terrier

3. "Come": This very important dog training command is used to have the dog immediately return to the owner.

4. "Down": This training command is used to make the dog lie down on the ground or floor.

5. "Find it" or "Search": This command is used to make the dog search for a particular object.

6. "Fetch" or "Get it": Use this command if you want to train a dog to pick up an object and bring it back to you.

7. "Break" or "Drop It": This dog training command is used when you want to make the dog let go of a toy or object that it has in it's mouth.

8. "Hup": This command is used when you want to make the dog jump over an object.

9. "Stand": This command is used to make the dog stand up on all four feet.

10. "Heel": This dog training command is used when you want to make the dog walk on the owner's left side while on a leash.

11. "No": This simple command is used to let the dog know that he has done something wrong.

12. "Free" or "Take A Break": Use this command to let your dog that the training exercise you are working on is finished.

I hope that this list of dog vocal training commands is helpful to you. Now if you want to know what dog trainers teach you'll have a list to refer to for some of the most common dog training commands. Spending time with your dog and doing dog training is only one way to make sure that you have a happy pet but it also makes your pet a joy to be around from other family members point of view too.

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