What Exactly Are Underground Dog Fences?

Underground dog fences, also called wireless pet fencing or invisible pet fencing, first started to gain momentum sometime in the early 1970s.

What exactly is underground dog fencing then?

Underground pet fences are basically electronic containment systems designed to teach pets boundaries to keep them in your yard.

Underground pet fences are intended to be only a correction or a deterrent to your pet, not a punishment - to keep your dog safely inside your own pre-set boundaries.

The idea behind all underground pet fences is pretty simple overall. The low power transmitter uses the buried loop of wire in your yard to broadcast a radio signal which is then picked up by a small radio receiver inside the dogs radio collar.

Once the dog (wearing the radio collar) gets close enough to the buried wire the radio triggers a correction so the dog knows it is nearing the boundary. These systems use a small "shock" transmitted through an electronic collar.

The shock will not harm your dog. In fact, without training, underground dog fences often have no real value at all. You have to teach your dog exactly where the boundary is in your yard, and train your dog that going past the boundary ANYTIME is a big time no-no.

Once you establish the rules of the new fence with your dog, the collar is there to remind your pet about them whenever you are not around.

Underground fences are reasonably priced and invisible, meaning that nobody will even know that it is there except for you and your dog! Although the underground pet fence is safe for all dogs, it is recommended that you wait until your puppy is between the ages of 16 and 20 weeks before trying to train him with the system.

You can also check with your local pet supply stores for more information on underground pet fences, installation and pricing.

Remember, your dog is part of your family and it is your job to make sure that he is safe and healthy. With an underground dog fence system you can give your dog safety and independence that they love so much while deleting ugly traditional fencing to further distract from your landscaping.

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