Tips for Traveling With Your Dog in India

Traveling with your dog in India can be quite tough. However, I have traveled with my dog a few times by train to my in-laws house, which is around 600 km. far from my town Calcutta, India. We have a dog of Spaniel species, named Missy that we travel with.

My wife is so fond of this pet that she does not want to leave it to any one's hand and go anywhere.

But, since her parents were complaining that she did not come to them, she had decided to go to her parents' place three years before. She insisted that she would go but only when Missy would accompany us on the trip.

Traveling with your dog on our first tour with our pet was quite embarrassing because we were not prepared at all. We had nothing with us so that we could take care of it and ourselves with it as well. But next time we went there, we had read some articles which had helped us a lot. Subsequently, we could collect a lot of things in this regard. Now we travel with Missy with ease and many people even want to know from us how they could also take their pet with them like us.

We actually have bought a special type of bag to carry it with. This bag has specially been designed to carry dogs for long distance travel purposes. The bag has a handle at the middle and it has a hole in front.

One should put the dog in the bag and push the dogs head into this hole. It does not let the dog move as it likes. Then at the back of the bag an arrangement is made so that the dog might clear its bowl and urinate in side the bag. One should only take out the arrangement, wash it and reset it in the bag before putting in the dog again.

The bag has a leather cover at its mouth that fits with a scratchy attachment at the other end. Once you put the dog in, you should set the scratchy lock. The dog will not move. We do not need even a chain since we have this bag. Then we have got special types of food from the Pedigree, which is really helpful during traveling for the dogs which ward off their hunger very neatly.

We have not needed a dog friendly hotel as yet. However, I think the growing needs will certainly compel the authorities to arrange for this type of facility too in future. I would suggest in that case that those hotels should have one or two special rooms for the dog owners where there should be a number of special allotments made for each dog.

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They should even arrange for a system of like crates so that if the dog owners have some work or to attend meetings, they can be free of tension about their pets' necessities. Then next time, I hope you have a happy journey with you pet and enjoy traveling with your dog!

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