Sunscreen for Pets? Seriously?

Is there really a need for sunscreen for pets? You may not be aware of it but sunburn is very common in dogs too - especially in any dogs that are light in color or have very short coats.

The areas that are at the most risk are: the bridge and tips of the nose, the abdomen, groin, and insides of the legs and basically any area that is shaved or hairless in the first place.

I bet you didn't realize that a dogs belly is also even prone to sunburn. It's true! Why? Basically because the sunlight reflects up from the sidewalk onto the dogs stomach area. It is also true that dogs that spend a lot of time at the beach can get sunburned too.

Brittany Spaniel

Just like in people, if they get sunburned repeatedly or have excessive exposure to UV radiation pets too can get skin cancer. Tip: when applying sunscreen, don't get sunblock in your dog's eyes.

Believe it or not but there are many specific sunscreens made just for pets. If you can't find them for some reason you can substitute sensitive skin or baby sunscreens in a pinch but you need to be careful that Zinc Oxide is NOT an ingredient because it is very bad for dogs.

You can find sunscreen made for pets at many different pet supply stores - online and in your town.

So, what should you do concerning sunscreen for dogs?

It's also a very good idea to apply sunblock on susceptible areas such as the bridge of your dogs nose and also on the ear tips or on any parts in the fur down the head or back of a dog.

So, get out there and have fun this summer season but remember, when you're covering yourself up with all kinds of sunscreen not to forget to apply sunscreen for pets too.

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