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How To Save A Choking Dog

Do you know how to save a choking dog? Dogs explore the world with their mouths. Because of this, it is a very good idea to know how to save a dog if it were to get choked.

Have you ever noticed that your dog (and especially a puppy) always seems to find a way to put objects in their mouth that do not belong there in the first place! Balls, shoes, rocks, small toys, clothing, trash - basically just about anything can often end up in their mouths.

Now carry it one step further. Just like a small child, dogs don't always play with size appropriate items. If the item is too small, a dog can accidentally swallow the object which may then become lodged in his throat.

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If that particular object is not removed immediately from his mouth/airway, then there is a very strong chance for the dog/puppy to stop breathing and even become unconscious.

Would you know what to do if this happened to your pet? Since this is really common, it would be a really good idea for you to learn the basic first aid needed to help save a choking dog. This could possibly save your dogs life.

How To Save A Choking Dog
If Your Dog Is Choking, But Conscious

1. Open your dog's mouth and look inside. See if you can see the object obstructing the dogs airway. If you can see it, do your best to remove it from your dogs mouth.
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2. If you can't see the object, put your dog on its side and elevate it's hindquarters as best you can.

3. Next, place your hand below your dogs rib cage and your other hand on the dog's back. In one fluid motion, firmly press in and then up. Keep trying until the object is coughed up.

4. If the object does not come out on its own (with your help), then your dog may eventually become unconscious. If this happens, then follow the steps below.

How To Save A Choking Dog
If Your Dog Becomes Unconscious

1. Make sure that the dog is placed on his side with elevated hindquarters.

2. Open the dogs airway and make sure that the tongue is pulled out as far as possible and placed to the side.

3. Next, perform several compressions in the same area that you had attempted to press in the rib cage while the dog was still conscious. After two to three compressions, check the dogs mouth for any foreign objects with your fingers as well as your eyes.

4. Hold your hands over the dogs nose,once you've carefully closed its mouth and give the dog a few breaths.

5. Repeat this - compressions, finger sweeps, and artificial respiration breaths until your dog starts breathing by himself and the object is dislodged.

If you can, have a friend or bystander call your veterinarian or even 911 to help you as you perform first aid on your dog. Remember, if your dog gets choked or swallows something it shouldn't have, it's always a good idea to know how to save a choking dog.

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