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Purebred Dog Rescue & Adoption:
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Just what is our vision for Purebred Dog Rescue, you may ask? To help save as many purebred dogs as absolutely possible from the problems of neglect, illness, abuse, injury and, potentially, premature death.

We would like to help give all these deserving dogs a second chance to have the best life possible through referrals, foster homes, adoption, rescue and/or behavior counseling.

It is our hope to help place each and every one of these sensitive, intelligent, loveable and deserving dogs into new homes where their personalities, potential and distinct qualities will be better valued and enjoyed.


Here, at Pedigreedpups.com, we want to help spread the word about Purebred Dog Rescue as an option, as well as all it's great benefits!

If you know of any Dog Rescue Organization, please send us their information via the contact form below and we'll list them below for free (as long as they meet our standards).

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Just where do all these dogs come from? Dog rescue's can come from all kinds of places and for just as many different reasons.

Some dogs may be strays found out and about or these dogs may be brought in from shelters. Sometimes owners themselves turn their dogs into shelters or rescue organizations.

There are many other reasons these dogs end up in shelters or rescue organizations: death of a guardian, new baby, change in work schedule, kids going off to college, owners who no longer have time for them, or develop allergies to them, financial difficulties, moving to a place where dogs are not allowed, prospective spouse doesn't like dogs, lack of training by the owners, change in "lifestyle," etc.

Many times, dogs are turned in, not because of any problems the dog actually has, but rather because of problems of some sort with the person actually surrendering the dog.

Maybe you can't actually rescue a dog yourself right now. If that is the case, please support these wonderful organizations by giving a donation of money or your free time. These are both needed and appreciated by all purebred dog rescue organizations.

Please donate to our Rescue efforts
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Breed-specific rescues are a truly a great place to find the right dog for you. Not only do these rescued dogs appreciate the love and nurturing they receive at the hand of their new owners, but these rescued dogs often bond so deeply with their new owners that they will do anything possible to please their new masters and to thank them for their second chance.

Best of all, consider this when thinking about dog rescue. You are saving a life! If you have done the research and feel a certain purebred dog breed is a good fit for you and your family, then please consider adoption through a purebred dog rescue or animal shelter - maybe at one of the Adoption Centers listed below.

Rescue Organizations

Louisiana Boxer Rescue

WinterPaws Arctic Breed Rescue

Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

Havanese Rescue Inc.

Italian Greyhound Place

Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest

American Brittany Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Bluegrass Boxer Rescue

Tulsa Boxer Rescue

Samoyed Rescue Alliance

Canine Castaways, Inc. - Small Dog Rescue

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