5 Puppy Housebreaking Tips

Here Are 5 Puppy Housebreaking Tips For Every Puppy Owner

5 Things You Need to do to Housebreak Any Puppy Quickly

When you first get your new puppy home, on the very first day, start housebreaking the puppy immediately.

Once the introductions are finished, give him a drink of water and immediately take him outside to relieve himself.

Here are five key steps to successfully housebreaking any new puppy.

If you were to ignore any of these five steps you'll be setting yourself up for many extra hours or even months of housebreaking training later on.

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1.) Keep your puppy confined to either a crate, or a puppy proofed ("accident" ready) location whenever you can't supervise your puppy completely.

2.) Choose a specific spot outside, and give a command (such as "Go potty!") while you're waiting for him to "do his business".

3.) Praise the puppy excitedly anytime he eliminates outside.

4.) Follow a rigorous feeding and watering schedule and take your puppy out immediately after he eats or drinks - every time.

5.) Use a bacteria/enzyme digester, available at your pet supply or grocery store. This will get rid of both the stain and the smell. Even if you can't smell the urine, believe me, your puppy can. If you just mask the scent he will be encouraged to go back to the same spot again.

You must be patient during the entire housebreaking process. Each puppy will housetrain at his own speed and with your help he will learn to go outside and to alert you when he "has to go".

The biggest tip of all that I can give you is to have patience, patience, patience and consistency, consistency, consistency.

If you are consistent in your puppy housebreaking training and follow these puppy housebreaking tips in the very beginning of the process, ESPECIALLY when it is inconvenient to you (late at night, while you are watching your favorite TV show, etc.), you will actually help teach the puppy to housebreak itself as well as to alerting you when it "has to go".

If you are steadfast in keeping a watch on the puppy, especially during the first 2 weeks of house training, then puppy housebreaking can accomplished much quicker than if you just try a little here and then a little there. Remember, the puppy has no problem relieving itself when it has to go - you just need to teach it "where to go", when it "has to go".

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