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Looking for Pet Costumes? For many pet owners animal costumes are very popular - especially during the holiday seasons. We offer dog costumes that are suitable for every occasion - from Halloween dog costumes to Christmas pet costumes, please check out all of our popular pet costume themes and categories below today.

Whether you need a Santa suit, a cheer leader costume, a piggy costume, or even a pair of antlers you are bound to find the perfect pet costume for your dog right here.

Transform your shepherd into Yoda, your poodle into a scarecrow, your terrier into Batman, your spaniel into a cheerleader ... you get the picture.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below to view our costumes for dogs which are available in all sizes and styles and to order one for your own dog right now!

3 dogs in dog costumes

Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Costume
Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Costume
Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume
Batman Dark Knight Batman Dog Costume
Wizard of Oz Dorothy Dog Costume
Superman Deluxe Dog Costume
Batman Deluxe Dog Costume
Batman Dog Costume
Indiana Jones Indiana Dog Costume
Spider-Man Comic Dog Costume
Cowboy Dog Costume
Dog Riders Cowboy Costume
Dapper Dog Costume
Zelda Punk Dog Costume
Monkey Dog Rider Pet Costume
Zelda Cave Dog Costume
Dog Beer Saddle
Hawaiian Dog Pet Costume

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"When I played Lady Day, I took Aba onstage with me as a joke. He started singing in tune! and the audience loved it." - Eartha Kitt, when asked what tricks her poodle did.