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The Papillon is a highly trainable member of the Toy Group. The name of this dog breed means "butterfly" in French. They are happy, alert and friendly and can be yappers at nearby noises.

This elegant little dog breed is so named because his winglike ears that resemble a beautiful butterfly. Stanley Coren, author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", rates this dog breed eighth among all breeds.

There is also a drop eared version of this breed called the Phalène (which means "night moth"). Both types are still bred today and both types may even appear in the same litter.


Daily brushing as well as regular overall grooming habits are required to keep this little dog breed in great condition. They are affectionate, full of life and just make a great house dog. Additionally, these dogs do well in obedience or agility classes, and they can easily adapt to different climates.

Perfect for city and country dwellers alike, they like to play with toys inside and are a hardy outdoor sport as well. They do benefit from regular exercise and are often seen in agility competitions.

Watch a Pap in action

Papillons prefer most of all to cuddle with his owner, to whom he becomes affectionately attached for life. Generally, this hardy small dog breed is around 8 to 11 inches tall at the withers.

Country of origin: Europe
Lifespan: 15 or more years
Colors: Shades of white - creamy and ivory whites
Known health problems: Luxating patellas, fontanel, sensitivity to anesthesia

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