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The many different dog breeds in the Miscellaneous Group are awaiting final breed recognition by the AKC. All dog breeds that are in the this group can compete and earn titles in AKC Obedience, Tracking and Agility events. Additionally, members of this dog breed group are not eligible for championship points.

The dog breed members of this group are also eligible to compete in AKC Junior Showmanship events and at conformation shows, but are limited to competition only within this group.

Dog breeds accepted into this class typically spend one to three years in this class before later being admitted for full registration in one of the seven other AKC dog breed groups.

This AKC dog breed directory is designed to present you more information about each of the individual members of this dog breed group, and to also help you choose the best type of purebred dog for you. Feel free to browse around our dog breed information for your perfect canine friend.

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Miscellaneous Dog Breed Profiles


Belgian Laekenois
Bergamasco Dog Breed
Boerboel Dog Breed
Chinook Dog Breed
Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino

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"Compared to their sense of smell, dogs seem to pay a lot less attention to their sense of taste. Apparently they believe that if something fits into their mouths, then it is food, no matter what it tastes like." -- Stanley Coren