Tips on How To Give Your Dog Medication

Do you need to know how to give your dog medication? Id like to give you some tried and true ways that have worked for me in giving a dog medication in the past. First let me say that it is of utmost importance that you train your dog from puppy hood that it will be poked at and sometimes handled in ways that it should get used to. This is going to include examination of the mouth, whether it be to examine its teeth, tongue, or throat.

What are you going to do if you expect your dog has something trapped in its throat that you need to retrieve if you could only just get in there? So it is very important that you teach the dog to accept you opening its mouth. This is done fairly easily with the aide of a person gently restraining the dog so it doesn't "back off".

Next, position yourself in front of the dog and using one hand, very gently push inward on it's mouth approximately right behind the upper canine teeth (assuming you dog has at least an average length muzzle). You're going to find he will open his mouth, even if just for a second. If you're maintaining a light pressure, you'll see that the upper lips will then be inside his mouth. The dog knows this and doesn't want to bite itself, so will usually not clamp down. He may try backing off, but this is what the other person is for.

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On this first time, don't try too much with him. It's good enough that he'll let you open his mouth. Try this over and over over the next week or so. When he gets used to this and keeps his mouth open, the next step is to take your index finger and insert it inside just for a second. Again, you should have someone lightly restrain him. Now practice how to give your dog medication over again and again as you did in the first step.

Now as soon as the dog has accepted this as part of a routine, you should next be able to hold a pill in between your fingers, open his mouth the learned way and use your index finger to push the pills pretty deep into his throat. You want that pill going down his throat, not laying on the tongue or you're going to have to repeat and repeat. Don't be afraid. As long as you don't have long fingernails, you won't hurt him. Always give him a very small treat for accepting this pre-training method.

If the dog has never had any training with it's mouth, you're next best bet is to crush the pill down to powder and mix it in with a tiny bit of canned food, or grind up chicken yourself and mix the crushed pill with it. All dogs love chicken, and most won't mind the slight "off taste" of a pill in there with it.

I have found that wrapping the pill in cheese or something might work if you don't have someone to help you or you are afraid to be sticking your fingers inside your dogs mouth. The same holds true for hot dogs, bologna, or any other piece of food. Coating the pill with peanut butter might work too. These are great tips on how to give your dog medication.

Always be prepared that at some point in time that your dog will need medication in pill form and be prepared and knowledgeable about how to give your dog medication. If its liquid medicine you need to give, this is a piece of cake. Have someone gently restrain the dog.

A dog has a "pocket" on the sides of its mouth between the teeth and lips so you can gently pull back and administer the fluid. There is no need to force the mouth open. Now, to ensure the dog swallows, hold its muzzle gently. This will force the dog to swallow.

So, practice these tips and tricks with your own dog and I am sure that in the future when you need to know how to give your dog medication that it will be much easier and less stressful for both you and your dog.

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