Exercising Your Dog

Do you exercise your dog? Exercising your dog can be good for both you, and your dog! There are many creative ways to exercise your own dog that benefits their health, and yours as well.

And if you're bored with your exercise routine, you can bet your dogs probably are too. Below are a few ideas for new things to try out whenever playing with your dog.

So feel free to try a few exercise ideas below and see which ones work best for you. You can take your dog for the typical walk around the block. Or you could take them on a hike, or maybe even a jog with you. You could also take them to a dog park if they

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are capable of interacting well with other dogs.

That way you can meet other dog lovers, and your pup can meet some new friends and have some fun! You could also play frisbee with your dog, or train them how to fetch different objects hidden around the house or outside in your yard.

Want more exercise ideas for your dog? How about taking your dog with you when you go swimming at the beach, pond, or in your pool at home. If you are a hunter, you can train your dog to fetch the lure that you have taken along. You can also teach them how to play soccer.

If you have children, and they are old enough to play well with your dog, then you can allow your dog to run around and play with them too. Children always have large amounts of energy and if your dog is kid friendly and your children are dog friendly, it will enjoy the new playmates. Even if you do not have children of your own, you can let your dog out when the children in your neighborhood are out playing (under your constant supervision) with the permission of those children's parents.

Need help exercising your dog? You can also pay older responsible neighborhood children or teenagers to walk your dog and give it extra exercise for you if you do not have the time. Most children are glad to do small chores for a little bit of money, or some will do it for free if they like your animals. Just make sure that you trust your dog, and the children that are taking your dog for a walk too - you do not want any incidents to occur.

So, hopefully by now the question isn't "Do you exercise your dog?" but "How do you exercise your dog?"

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Exercising your dog has many benefits. Dogs need not only physical but mental stimulation and the more you do, the happier your dog will be - and you too. So, get out there, play with your dogs, mix up the exercise methods you use and you'll both be much happier for years to come.

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