Entlebucher Mountain Dog - Entlebucher

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog, also called the Entlebucher Sennenhund, Entelbucher Cattle Dog, Entelbuch Mountain Dog or Entle.

Originally, this dog breed was used to drive and also guard cattle. They were originally named for a specific Swiss town in Lucerne, called Entlebuch. They are an easy to care for dog breed overall.

It is the smallest of the four Swiss mountain dog breeds - including the Bernese, Appenzell and the Greater Swiss and also the newest member of the AKC Miscellaneous Dog Breed Group.

Size-wise, it is a medium sized, stocky dog. It's body is slightly longer than tall and is dressed in a beautiful tri-color coat. The main color of his body, coat wise, is black with some tan and white markings on other parts of his body, very similar looking to the Swissie or Bernie.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Watch a Entlebucher in action

Overall, the Entlebucher can be a really good family pet. Typically they do get along well with other animals, as well as children, if time is spent training them to be mindful of children. Once trained to be gentle with children, however, an Entle can be an excellent play mate and often even herd children about like they were a small herd of cattle.

Remember their working dog roots to keep them happy. They are working dogs and simply love to work - especially if they get to pull carts. They also do well in herding. This dog breed can be territorial and they are naturally suspicious of strangers, making them a good watch dog as well. Keep in mind that this is a pretty active dog breed, too - they love to play and have fun.

It is important note that this little dog is compatible with your family, personality and lifestyle. These dogs will always be happiest when they are right with you. Overall this is an independent and self confident dog breed but they also become very attached to their owners and need to be an actual part of its family. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is well known for their devotion to their master.

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