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Purebred dogs | Pedigreed puppies - AKC dog breed information, purebred dog breed profiles, dog breed articles, DOG-TV videos, dog toys and gifts, pure breed dog blog and newsletter, and lots more.

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Pet T-Shirts by ChoiceShirts

German Shepherd Dog - The ultimate source for all things German Shepherd related. GSD breed information, training tips, GSD photos, puppy articles, German Shepherd only newsletter and blog, health and nutrition info, trivia facts, tips of all kinds, and much more.

Black Pug Dogs Store

Discount Dog Supplies Store

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information
The best comprehensive Australian Shepherd dog breed information on the net. Everything "Aussie" can be found right here, at Australian Shepherd Lovers.

All About Goldens
This is a unique and informative guide for Golden Retriever lovers. Covering all aspects of the Golden Retriever breed including raising and training Golden puppies, breeding and whelping, general health care, and everyday issues of living with this beautiful breed of dog.

Great Pet Owners
Offers information and articles on pets, pet care, health, animal trivia, and more, to enable people who are passionate about their pets to become GREAT pet owners.

Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training- Bark Busters is the largest, most trusted, in-home dog training company in the world, with more than 250,000 dogs trained worldwide. When you call Bark Busters, a skilled dog trainer will come to your home and customize training for you and your dog. Our holistic training approach can successfully train any dog in about two hours.

Small Dog Clothes - Quality dog clothes for your precious dog, with free shipping on most orders.

Don't let your pet suffer from Arthritis
Learn more about liquid glucosamine formula Syn-flex®. In normal healthy animals the body is able to synthesize enough glucosamine to keep the existing cartilage healthy, but when the animal ages or there is damage to joint cartilage it cannot produce enough to keep up with the body's needs. This is where a supplemental form of glucosamine is needed. Learn more about Syn-flex® here.

Handicapped Pets - Products, services and support for handicapped, elderly and injured pets.

Pet Care, Health Supplies, Incontinence - Dog Diapers, Disposable Doggie Diapers, Cat Diapers, and Pet Diapers for incontinent, elderly, and injured pets when accidents can happen. The site also features the SleePee time bed for incontinent pets, low-cost wee wee pads, and much more.

Dog Beds - Pet beds - Large orthopedic luxury dog beds for all breeds. Visit the online dog store for designer dog furniture and quality dog couches. Best dog beds wholesale direct. Breeders choice in a dog bed world wide.

Katja Turnsek Pet portraits Artist in Oils , Pencil and Coloured Pencil - Unique Pet Portraits Artist Katja Turnsek, Beautiful and affordable Pet Portraits drawn of your pet. Welcome to see the Gallery on Pet-art.net

Animal Tags - Pet ID Tags - Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic - Pet ID Tags - custom engraved for your beloved dog or cat

RoverWrap Dog Blankets - A pocket for your pooch! The encased bag-like design of this cozy fleece blanket is Patent Pending. Does your fur baby shiver, love to snuggle, get scared? Slip them into a RoverWrap! Made in America, veterinarian recommended.

Dog Health Care and Discount Pet Supply Store - Dog-Health-and-Supply.com-your dog health care information pertaining to diseases, parasites, allergies, puppy training, dog exercises, arthritis... along with a discount pet supply store, combined to save you time and money.

Universal Pet Meds – A Canadian Pet Pharmacy : Universal Pet Meds – A Canadian Pet Pharmacy providing prescription drugs at Canadian discount prices. Save up to 50% on your pet's meds.

Dog Clothes-Small Dog Sweaters Get quality pet boutique dog clothes for affordable prices

4 Pets Online | A Complete Online Pet Resource- Shop online for pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles or small pets. Read articles, contribute pet stories & pictures. Research pet insurance, pet legal issues, litigation, pet travel, and much more

Pet ID - RFID Microchip Identification and Pet Shop - Supplier of RFID microchip transponders, readers and scanners for animal identification, horse passports, pet healthcare insurance, Arden Grange dog and cat food, Chuck-IT, and pet club membership.

Pooper Scooper Service & Dog Walkers In All Of Orange County, Ca. - Dog waste removal for backyard dog poop and neighborhood dog walking services. Dog walker and pet waste removal pooper scooper in Mission Viejo Lake Forest El Toro Laguna Beach Irvine. Dog walk & dog poop scoop service in Yorba Linda Brea Anaheim Hills Tustin and Newport.

Dog Posters and Art Prints A wide variety of dog pictures to hang on your wall.

Newfoundland Puppy Dogs Take a walk through life with our Newfoundland - from puppy to adult dog. Information on all aspects of raising a Newfoundland

Fido Finder - Lost Dogs Lost and found dogs in your area. Register your dog before he ever gets lost.

Pets with Disabilities Pets with Disabilities is a support group for people facing the everyday challenges of taking care of a beloved pet who faces physical limitations. Pets with Disabilities is a network for people who have a pet who has become disabled during the normal course of life. There are many options if you have the love and patience. Pets with Disabilities is also designed to help shelters place disabled pets into homes and provide support to those families who have made this unselfish decision.

Responsible Dog Breeders QualityDogs.com includes a directory of responsible dog breeders, breed information and pictures, health links, and question forums.

seapets.co.uk - Pet supplies. Pet products online for your dog, cat, fish, birds and all small pets and animals throughout the UK and Europe, worldwide too - Extensive aquarium and pond shop, aquarium supplies and pond products for clean healthy ponds too!. Seapets are the UK's leading online pet shop and pet store, for all of your pet supplies and accessories

Dog Medicine - Don't be tricked! Learn the best approach to buying dog medicine online.

Bow Wow Dog Bakery - Cookies Biscuits Treats Bow Wow Dog Bakery designs gourmet dog cookies, treats, biscuits for any occasion, holiday or just because

CanineLoft.com - Dog Breed Gifts Clothing Artwork For Dog Lovers Dog breed specific gifts, collectibles, clothing and artwork that you know every dog lover will love. Request our free catalog or visit our online store today!

Great Dane Shirts Prints Greeting Cards Sculptures and more Art & Fun Great Dane Site for Everyone - Shopping for Greeting cards, statues, figurines, ornaments, note cards, address labels, art prints, shirts, mugs, giftware or enjoy photo gallery

Dog Logic Home Page Offers a comprehensive listing of links to Great Dane Web sites, as well as Web sites dealing with health and welfare issues for large and giant breed dogs.

Pet supplies Pet Supplies Review is your one-stop internet resource for the best in pet food, pet medication and all your pet supply needs.

Adopt an ex-racer from Greyhound Pets, Inc. Retired racing greyhound adoption, rehoming, returns, placement, rescue group located in Washington state, Idaho, Montana and Canada

Dog Gifts and Unique Dog Lover Gifts Unique high quality dog gifts and dog lover gifts in over fifty breeds, dog purses, handbags, needlepoint textiles, such as pillows, dog throws, hook rugs, accessories, Christmas Stockings

Agility Equipment by Weave-Poles.com - Dog Agility Equipment Dog Agility Equipment - professional and durable dog agility equipment for less. Weave-poles, jumps, teetor, pause table, a-frame, tunnel, chute.

Dog Training Resources - Dog Obedience Training Your headquarters for dog training resources, books, advice, equipment, products and more-how to train your dog right!

Pet Portraits by Betty Pet portrait paintings of pet and equine done from photos. Pencil & Charcoal sketches. Plaques, bushes, signs and memorial stones with your pet's or equine's own picture painted on it.

Dog Breeds breeders & health care information Dogs - Poulvet.com is a website you can find information on dog breeds, dog breeders, dog names and more.

Rebecca Stringer Korpita -Unique pet portraits from your photographs, colorful original paintings and fine art prints of dogs and the people they own - chihuahuas, schnauzers, dachshunds, and more!

Directory of Dog Breeds with Pictures Provides dog breed information with pictures and plenty of dog supplies, dog toys, and much more

Dogs of War! Obey your dog! Propaganda to support World-Domination by your favorite dog breed. T-shirts, poster art, gifts and more.

www.dogtrainersearch.com Have a dog or puppy? Find a dog training professional here!

UK Pet Shop over 13,000 Pet Food & Pet Supplies Fast UK Delivery of an unrivaled range of Pet Food and Pet Equipment. Everything for your Pet Dog Cat Bird Fish Reptile or Rodent. Complete range of animal cages, toys, beds, pet carriers, aviary and cage bird supplies, Aquatic and aquarium equipment.

Great Dog and Puppies Stuff Dogs and puppies online portal. We have great articles on topics as Health, Breeding, Nutrition, Training and more.

Pet Health Questions Answered Get answers to all your pet health questions, shop for pet toys and training aids, and more at OneHealthyPet.com

SittingPrettyKitty Manufacturer of unique handcrafted cat furniture, cat trees and cat scratching posts.

Kissed By Dogs - Unique High Quality Dog Gifts In Over Fifty Breeds

Responsible Dog Breeders - QualityDogs.com includes a directory of responsible dog breeders, breed information and pictures, health links, and question forums.

All About Puppies And Dogs Your guide to puppies and dogs. Find out which breeds are right for you, how to train and look after them. Recommended products and gifts for dogs and their owners.

Pet Memorials Info.com - Great information about pet caskets, pet urns, pet memorial markers and pet loss gifts and e-cards. Visit us before buying any pet memorial items. www.coloradobarkery.com manufacturer of gourmet dog and cat treats handmade in the Rocky Mountains.

www.coloradobarkery.com Manufacturer of gourmet dog and cat treats handmade in the Rocky Mountains.

Pet supplies - Pet Supplies Review is your one-stop internet resource for the best in pet food, pet medication and all your pet supply needs.

DOGS ONLY www.dogs-only.com Dogs Only resource site. Choosing a dog, dog breeds, dog names, dog food, dog treats, dog training, dog holidays, dog accessories. Australia and US info.

Dogs 'N' U dog supplies - Find the best dog supplies online and read about dog care, popular dog breeds like the chihuahua and greyhound, puppies, dog names, and more.

My Doberman Dedicated to the Doberman Pinscher. A fun and informative website for Doberman owners. Provides information on origins, history, different color breeds, training, choosing a breeder, dog supplies and caring for your Doberman Pinscher.

Natural Dog Health Remedies - An informative site on common dog health problems and how to use natural remedies, such as herbs, homeopathy, supplements, etc. to promote optimal dog health.

Whippets are beautiful, fun, easy care dogs and we are passionate about them. In our site you'll find whippet pictures and tips about training and caring for this amazing dog breed.

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