Dog Photography Tips

Here are a few dog photography tips to help you take better photographic memories of your furry best friend. Taking pictures of your beloved dog is one way of creating a great lasting memory for the whole family. Taking professional looking pictures of dogs is also an art form.

The finished product should show your pets personality.

Whenever taking pictures of your dog with family members there are a few tricks of the trade to be aware of. One, the family needs to realize that their dog will react to whatever they are doing.

With different family members continually trying to “control” the dog from all angles, the pet can easily get confused and overwhelmed.

I have taken quite a few pictures of dogs with their owners and the owner has to almost act as if their pet wasn’t there. They need to stay posed for the camera while the photographer, or a helper, takes charge of the dog. With the dog keeping its focus on one person it is a whole lot easier to get a great picture.

In taking action shots the best thing is to let the dog be itself. Whether it is playing alone, with another dog or its own family, you need a good, fast camera to capture that special moment. Again, with the dog naturally playing their personalities will shine through.

Indoor pictures are a treat to take when the owners and dog are situated in their own environment. The dog usually is more comfortable which makes for easier picture taking ending in photos that are more professional looking. Again, I stress that the family needs to allow the photographer to handle their dog while the others stay posed for the camera.

American Eskimo

Outside photos can really show off your dogs personality and athleticism. The natural outdoor environment is a great way to show your dog off. Many people find that nature helps brings out that special look. From dogs laying down, sitting by the roaring camp fire, posing with a family member or just romping around, these pictures display the uniqueness of the dog.

Taking professional looking pictures isn't hard to do but remember that it may take several shots in a session to get the look you are achieving. A simple reminder when using these dog photography tips is to give your dog a break as needed. Once your dog has had some rest and is settled enough for more pictures then proceed.

Some sets of pictures have been done at various times and sometimes days may pass in between because the dog has decided not to participate for whatever reason. Whatever way you decide to have your pictures of your dog taken, enjoy the process as well for it is a memory that will last a life time also.

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