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Directory of Dog Breeds - AKC Dog Breeds

Thanks for visiting our Directory of Dog Breeds. To find out more about any AKC Registered dog breed, feel free to choose from any of the dog breed names on the list below.

This particular dog breed section contains in depth information on all AKC recognized dog breeds including dog videos, dog breed characteristics, dog photos, dog charts and dog breed facts.

Below you will find a list of all currently recognized AKC dog breeds further divided into the separate AKC dog breed classes.

If you are doing research on any of the AKC dog breeds simply follow the Dog Breed name link where you can find more information for each of the individual AKC dog breeds, as well as videos and more. Our Directory of Dog Breeds contains them all.

It is easy to learn more about any of the AKC dog breeds by reading through the dog facts and dog breed information contained in all our Dog Breed Directory Profiles. We currently have over 150 breeds of dogs listed in the AKC dog breeds. So, enjoy your research and visit and learn about as many AKC dog breeds as you'd like.

Directory of Dog Breeds

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