Creative Dog Exercise

I love trying out new creative dog exercise ideas. Not only does it offer me and my dogs a new opportunity to try new dog training methods but it also allows us a chance to just have fun. And isn't that one of the main reasons you got your dog in the first place? To have a nice companion to play with?

Here are some more creative and inexpensive doggie exercise method suggestions for you and your dog to try out for both mental and physical stimulation of your dog. Please feel free to try out a few of these and Iíll bet youíll find a least one, but probably more, your dog will really like to do.

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Creative Dog Exercise - Part 3


Going through objects like hollowed out tree trunks to catch its prey is also a natural habit for a dog. Find somebody throwing out a larger appliance box and teach your dog to go through it on command or you can even buy a Tunnel of your own.

Go Fish.

If you don't feel like moving around so much yourself, tie a favorite toy onto a pole with a string. Let your dog chase the toy while you move the "fishing" pole back and forth. Just make sure that all sharp object are removed such as hooks, etc.

Scent Games.

Place a small treat in one of your hands behind your back. Bring both of your closed fisted hands in front of your pet and let him figure out which hand the treat is in. This game can also be moved to cups, closed boxes, etc.

Lure Coursing.

Tying a plastic bag or soft toy to a long string and reeling it in while your dog chases it is a fun and inexpensive way to get your pet moving.

Rally Classes.

Rally obedience, also called "Rally-O", is a competition for both you and your pet to enjoy together. You can download the rally obstacles over the internet and work with your dog to do what is on the signs. Rally combines dog agility, sports car racing and even traditional dog obedience into its own, one-of-a-kind, dog sport.

Obstacle Courses.

Set up all sorts of furniture and boxes and teach your dog to run the obstacle course you have set up in your home or even out in your yard. Change it up with different sized and shaped objects to make it even more fun. You can even buy pre-made Obstacle Kits as well.

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Anytime you can change up your dogs routine by introducing a new creative dog exercise you are probably going to be surprised by the enthusiasm, or lack of it, when teaching your dogs new games to play. Dog have preferences just like us so not every new exercise you try will be a winner but the more you introduce your dog to, the better because you're bound to find a few new favorites.

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