Creative Dog Exercise Methods

Lets discuss a few creative dog exercise methods. Exercising your dog is absolutely crucial to your dogs physical and mental well being and health. Not only do you spend more quality time with your dog, but you are also helping to maintain good body weight for your pet, develop your dogs muscle tone and improve joint, lung and heart functions.

As always we are here to help you and would like to offer you some creative suggestions right now for some inexpensive doggie exercise methods for both physical and mental stimulation of your pet. Try out as many or as few as youd like and Im sure youll find a least one your pet will really enjoy practicing with you.

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Creative Dog Exercise Methods - Part 1

Tossing a Ball.

Make sure you toss the ball long not high. The reason you want to throw the ball for distance not height is because you do not want your dog jumping because your pet may hurt himself. Be careful as to what type of ball you use as well. Make sure the ball is large enough that it cannot be a choking hazard.

Join a Doggie Play Group.

Get your dog involved with other dogs to play together. Dogs are social or pack animals and enjoy this physical and mental stimulation. Not only is the exercise essential but the socialization skills the dogs practice with each other is priceless.

Frisbee Fun.

Tossing a Frisbee and having your dog retrieve it is a great form of exercise. There are also many different types of frisbee on the market making it so much easier to find the one your pet loves.

Join a Training Class.

You can always learn the basics for obedience training in a few short classes, and then work with your dogs on the techniques you have learned at home. If you find that you both really like this kind of activity you can continue on to compete in obedience competitions as well.

Fly Ball.

Many ball driven dogs simply go crazy for this form of exercise and while there is definite amount of training to do fly ball correctly, many dog clubs offer fly ball for free. Contact your local kennel club for more details.

Tug of War.

Letting your dog yank you around the house while you hold his/her favorite toy can be an enjoyable exercise. Make sure the toy is soft to avoid teeth or gum problems and, even more important, make sure that the dog knows the "leave it" command so that it will let go of the toy when you give it the "leave it" command.


One of the instinctual habits dogs have developed is the ability to weave in and out of trees while chasing its food. Use a few new plungers adhered to your wood or tile floors and teach your dog to weave his way in and out of the plungers. Start slow and over time you can graduate your dog to even faster weaving speeding skills.

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Hose Fun.

Many dogs love to chase after water coming from a water hose. Letting your dog run and jump after a garden hose is great exercise for your pet and fun to watch too.

Channeling your dogs energy with interesting creative dog exercise methods will make for a healthier and happier pet. Plus, the time you spend together will also enhance your relationship with your dog making you all much happier. I hope you try out just a few of these creative dog exercise methods to find one that both you and your pet enjoys.

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