Do You Know How to Build A Doghouse

I'm no carpenter but I can offer a few tips to build a doghouse - on what is needed when building a doghouse for your dog to live outside and be warm, safe and comfortable.

The best place for your dog to live is always indoors with you but if that just can't work for some reason then you must provide a comfortable and safe place for your dog to sleep while it is outdoors.

There are a few things all doghouses need to keep their dog safe - so let's discuss a few of them now.

So lets get started:

dog in white doghouse

For a dog to live comfortably outdoors a doghouse should:

be placed on a high, well-drained site.
be large enough for the dog to turn around, stand up, or lie down comfortably.
be located in an area with outdoor shade during the summer.
be raised off the ground but protected underneath to keep wind, etc. from getting underneath the doghouse.
have the door facing east or south to help protect if from the wind.
be painted with non-toxic paint, light-colored in hot climates, dark-colored paint is better in cooler climates. Where seasonal changes occur, a moderate green is most practical.

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The dog house itself should have:

a removable roof for easy cleaning.
a pitched roof to provide for better drainage.
some sort of roof overhang to keep rain/snow out of the entrance.
a doorway that is placed off center so that the dog can be protected from chilly drafts.
a doorway that has some sort of covering such as a baffle or a canvas flap.
proper insulation for your area.
clean, dry bedding at all times. Shredded newspaper, carpet remnants, cedar or pine shavings, straw, or hay can be good choices of bedding.

So, the next time you need to build a doghouse (if ever), keep these ideas in mind and you should be able to create a doghouse worthy of your dogs safety and health - not to mention its pride.

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